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Jason Luna

Vital Stats:

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Oral Extravaganza

23 min of video | 10/24/2023

Matt and Jason enjoy eachothers bodies and asses in the comfort of Matt’s personal bedroom.

Rowan Gets FREAKY AF With Jason Luna On Stream

28 min of video | 10/13/2023

Jason Luna gets Rowan’s rocks off by pleasuring both his dick and anus.

MeatHeads Cum ALL OVER A Hot Bottom

17 min of video | 10/03/2023

4 hot studs coat Jason Luna in tons of cum.

Meat Heads Workout With Jason Luna

9 min of video | 09/25/2023

Jason Luna is a fun size bottom which these dumb meat heads use as a human dumbell, as well as a pleasure vessel.

Sub Bottom Sucks AND Worships 4 Straight Alphas

10 min of video | 09/09/2023

The second Jason got off the plane, he was greeted by 4 hot alphas. What a treat for a sub bottom. He got to enjoy them all in the hottest way possible.