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Darenger McCarthy

Vital Stats:

Height:  6'5"

Age:  40

Measurements:  7"

Darenger is a new up and coming pornstar who fits the "jacked top" role perfectly. He is also a close friend of the creators of creamybros.com, Rowan and Matt.

OnlyFans: onlyfans.com/darenger

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Muscle Milk 2

9 min of video | 02/09/2024

Nothing gets better than 3 jacked meatheads sucking each others gooses. Come on, join in! ;)

Muscle Milk - Part 1

7 min of video | 12/18/2023

3 hot muscle gods take pride in eachother’s grateness.

Darenger Solo

12 min of video | 04/14/2022

Enjoy this masterpiece of our CreamyBros resident daddy Darenger Mccarthy jerking off, flexing, using a sex toy on his beutiful ass and showing off his gorgeous physique.

CreamyBros Casting Couch - Episode # 2: Muscle Dad Daregner Pounds Sexy Blonde

19 min of video | 04/04/2022

What takes place on the CreamyBros Casting Couch is a first for all of our models. Although Aiden Jacobs has never before been fucked by a man as jacked as Darenger, he is very exited to finally experience it.

Service Man Gets Serviced Part 2

19 min of video | 03/22/2022

Matt and his boyfriend Sean have a big jacked service technician over to fix their broken washer. Well Matt does some work, Sean begins to provide his own service to the technician, unaware that Matt is about to come into the bathroom they are next to. Although upset at first, Matt can’t help himself...

Service Man Gets Serviced Part 1

3 Photos, 11 min of video | 03/08/2022

Matt and his boyfriend Sean have been having problems with their washing machine for over 1 week, so they are very relieved when a big jacked service technician arrives to fix it. As the technician services the washer, Sean begins to provide a service of his own on the hunk of a technician.

Personal Trainer Fucks Twink Couple Part 2

14 Photos, 9 min of video | 12/11/2021

Danny & Darenger’s “personal training” session comes to an unfortunate halt when Danny’s boyfriend Alex walks in on them unexpectedly. But after one look at Darengers hard cock and sweaty muscular body, it wasn't long before Alex joins in for some fun.

The Horny Acrobatics Teacher

46 min of video | 10/29/2021

It's an exciting day for Matt and Rowan, since it is their first acrobatics lesson. Little do they know, their instructor is one of the horniest sex freaks on the face of the earth. As the instructor walks them through some basic maneuvers, he begins to get horny, and a group acrobatics lesson slowly...