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Max Lorde

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Road Head

10 min of video | 09/05/2023

Matt offers a ride home to the contractor that just finished working at his house, but no one rides for free.

Online Ad For A Service Slave

17 min of video | 08/21/2023

He came over to do some mechanic work, but he ended up suckin some dick!

Contractor Gets Tricked

11 min of video | 08/14/2023

The CreamyBros get payback on the contractor who came to fix their mower, but instead just sucked them off.

Mechanic Whore

27 min of video | 08/04/2023

The CreamyBro’s have a big problem: they need their god damn lawn mower fixed. They put up an ad online searching for a mechanic and come to find out, this mechanic came with something else in mind.